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Salmon Ireland has everything you need to enable you to experience the magic of Salmon fishing on the Emerald isle.

The country has been blessed with many of the world's finest Atlantic Salmon Rivers, not to mention the wealth of stunning scenery, everywhere you go. Such is the abundance of Irish Salmon Rivers, perhaps the most difficult thing to do, is to choose where you want to go first!

An easy way to get started is to use the Salmon Ireland Search facility, which is located at the top of every Salmon Ireland page. If you'd prefer to browse the Ireland Rivers Map then you'll see the map link on the right hand side of most Salmon Ireland pages. Links to the Irish Salmon Rivers appear when you've zoomed in far enough on the map.

Salmon Leaping - Salmon Ireland

If maps are not your thing then you'll find a list of Irish Salmon Rivers on the Salmon Rivers Ireland page. Each Salmon Ireland river guide contains: a map of the river, the river description (including the best places to fish), details you need to go fishing, the river conditions and perhaps most importantly, the opinions of other fisherman, on how good the river really is!

Getting ready to go Salmon fishing in Ireland can sometimes be a little daunting, because of the number of different Irish Fishing Authorities, and the complexity of the regulations imposed by each of those authorities. The Salmon Fishing Ireland section in Salmon Ireland, is designed to help you navigate quickly through this sometimes tangled web, so that you can pick out the information that's relevant to where you are going to fish.

Wilkinson's Shrimp - Salmon Ireland

Over the years fly fishing for Salmon in Ireland has become synonymous with the Shrimp Fly. You'd think we use nothing else! Ok, well, that's almost true. Have a look in the Salmon Flies section and you'll find that we do use the odd Hair Wing as well!

I hope you find all that you need on the site, but if not, then drop me a line through the Contact Us page. All that remains to be said is, "Tight Lines from Salmon Ireland" and "Go easy on the Guinness!"

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